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I have a problem with slowing down mentally. I tend to the intense side of things. Ideas are a drug. And so, needing do de-helter-skelterize at times I developed my own form of meditative drawing. Unable to "simply meditate" because it was such a waste of time, I took to regularly either interrupting doodling sessions, or beginning with a five to six minute breathing session where, with my eyes closed, I would breathe, and during that time my hand would slowly log my in and out breaths. I would become aware of tension, and my quick breathing, the feeling of my feet on the ground and have a minute or two to be aware of what and how I was feeling. 

This processed developed into ink drawings where I slowly planned to breath deeply and slowly and only draw a line when I felt I could complete it with confidence and calmness.  Medication side effects cause hand shakes and so these drawings are ones that I really needed to relax into.


At times I would attempt simple shapes, but the intention was not to draw a circle but to breath well. These drawings are always on pre-dampened paper and linked to deliberate breathing and executed with minutes, although not quickly.

Pasted Graphic 1.tiff