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Fine Rats International


Torso of a ghost, 1989

In 1989 Tom Smith was a founder member of a group of artists called the Fine Rats International who put on son et lumière events in derelict factories, vacant industrial units and even under Spaghetti Junction. 

"Burning Vermingham", 1991 was a network of glow in the dark rats, and jelly rabbits made from glow in the dark jelly connected by wires, as a Scalextrix set ran on top of a miniature Stonehenge, taking up half of a floor of The Custard Factory, Birmingam.

He created light and sound installations using projections, luminous dyes, day-glo paint and UV light. 


"Every Untitled Sound Has Its Own Special Meaning", Tom Smith. Six fridges standing in a field in a circle with projections of church windows, aphorisms and sounds from adverts playing.

REVIEW: Under the M5, Performance magazine 1992