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About Tom Smith

In 1990 I was a founder member of an arts collective in Birmingham called Fine Rats International. We organised large scale son et lumiere installations in disused factories, Under Spaghetti Junction and in Vacant Industrial Units funded by the West Midlands Development Agency.

Performance Magazine 1992, p75

After an MA in Hypermedia Design at Coventry University I taught on Gillian Crampton Smith’s innovative animation course at the RCA and at ARTEC, an organisation teaching long-term unemployed digital media and coding skills.

I was coding tutor on the seminal Antirom project

I joined Ultralab, Anglia Polytechnic University’s Learning Technnology Research Lab in 1994. I developed an online community tool called Spinalot, and was invited to work with Apple’s Advanced Technology Group in Cupertino. Spinalot was later used as evidence in a patent troll case against Facebook that Facebook’s features had already been created and were public domain.

My double album of pyschedelic post punk noise, The End has an A side and a B side and is open sourced on Splice here. I have also just re-recorded a couple of songs with Paul Nicholas on Choon.